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Skin reflects your health and biological age

The skin is the largest organ of human body that permanently interacts with its environment. It is well known that changes that occur in the skin over time and skin aging are related to personal lifestyle that, in turn, can strongly influence the aggressive factors such as oxidation.

It is a scientific evidence that the oxidation process leads to the formation of free radicals which attack the skin structures damaging the collagen and elastic fibers, impairing hydration, which will lead to the appearance of aesthetic defects on the skin including wrinkles.

Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit or block the process of formation of free radicals. The result of this battle between free radicals and antioxidants is known as oxidative stress.

Therefore, it is vital to measure the state of this oxidative stress at regular intervals.

CosmeScan® allows a simple and fast measurement to determine the state of oxidative stress of people, as well as to evaluate the bioavailability of antioxidants and the pro-oxidants present directly on the skin.

A all-in-one report with personal recommendations

CosmeScan® produces a comprehensive and attractive analysis report with several visual key indicators that summarize the person skin’s health screening. The latter is completed with personal recommendations to improve one’s health, and smart advices to choose the kinds of cosmetics best suited to the person.

The report can be viewed instantaneously on smartphone, tablet or desktop. Additional detailed data are available. The user/consumer can easily create a personal account to store its confidential data.

Therefore, the snapshot measures over time can be recorded to follow up the evolution of one’s oxidative stress but also the efficiency of used cosmetics, consumed nutraceutical pills and changes in her/his lifestyle.

The CosmeScan® analysis report comes in 3 main parts


The oxidative balance diagram that measures the oxidative stress in your body


The CosmeScan® PAOT Index that measures the Total level of Antioxidants in your skin


The 5 PAOT Key Indicators that summarize the health conditions of your skin supplemented with personal recommendations

Innovative technology for a better skin

A smart sensor skin patch

The CosmeScan® device comes as a sensor patch mounted on a bracelet that communicates with a smartphone app via Bluetooth.
It is an exclusive, non-invasive, non-lesional and safe approach to knowing the state of an individual’s oxidative stress (the anti-oxidant/pro-oxidant imbalance).

A breakthrough technology

That patented technology makes it possible to obtain an in vivo measurement on the surface of a biological tissue, by means of contact electrodes.

It allows, in real-time, to assess the content of antioxidants and pro-oxidants (free radicals) and their bioavailability from measurements taken on the skin (all parts of the body can be used: face, hand, arm, thigh, back…). It is able to measure the oxidative state of the skin as well as well other parameters such as the hydration rate and pH to deduce a biological age of the skin.

Based on these data and many others, the PAOTScan embedded AI engine can generate a full report with personal health recommendations, and advices for choosing the best cosmetics cream suited to the skin.

What’s the ComeScan® PAOT Index?

The CosmeScan® balance sheet includes:


Basal state of oxidative stress


General state and bioavailability of antioxidants expressed in reference molecules (deficiency or excess)


General state of oxidants (free radicals)


The biological age of the skin


Possibility of editing, magnetic card or sending by mail of the balance sheet in PDF format

Consultation protected from history on the net
History records stored in the cloud in personal protected accounts

The CosmeScan® assessment includes the state of your skin:


The hydration rate


The pH


The age of the skin

This scale of reference is set up to deliver a clear result and propose adapted food supplements or detoxification treatments.

Factors that influence your PAOT index

As a general rule, people who apply « effective » cosmetic products, that is with high antioxidant efficacy, will have a high PAOT Index.

Futhermore, people who are supplemented with antioxidants have higher PAOT Index.

Also, your lifestyle is important. High levels of oxidative stress and exposure to free radical scan decrease your PAOT index. Tobacco smoke, psychological stress, sun, pollution and toxins are common sources of free radicals.

Let us not forget the genes. Individual differences in your body’s predetermined ability to absorb antioxidants will impact your PAOT index.

Who can use the CosmeScan® device?

The measurement can carried out by professionals in cosmetics and dermatocosmetic, and therefore in perfumeries, parapharmacies etc.

This countertop device is carried out thanks to a connected bracelet composed of a patch. The latter will be placed directly on the client’s skin.
The collected data is sent by a bluetooth system of the bracelet to a tablet (or any other displaying device).

Also, most importantly, it tells you the oxidative state of your skin, the amount of antioxidants and oxidants it contains as well as its biological and real age (note that the actual age and apparent age of Your skin are often not the same). According to your results, the tablet connected to the CosmeScan® will redirect you to products adapted to the condition of your skin. The CosmeScan® is an excellent tool to help you choose a cosmetic product (foundation, lipstick, moisturizer…) adapted to the condition of your skin. Easy to use, it is accessible to all.

CosmeScan® custom services

The PAOTScan technology is also available as an API operated as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). We can provide on-demand customized services and white label devices to operate on your own brand.