Leverage the PAOT® Technology to boost your innovation and marketing

We offer customized services on 3 levels: customed products, customed apps, in vitro and in vivo customed studies.

Customized services

PAOTScan® can deliver customized services available on 3 levels.

Customed products:
White label devices to operate on personal brand with a customed application


Customed applications:
The PAOT® technology is also available as an API operated as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enable to develop customed services


Customed studies:
In vitro or In vivo surveys with the PAOTScan® Lab

01. Customed products

We can design devices and applications specific to your brand.

Share your idea and provide us with your functional requirements.

Our development department will study with you a tailor-made design of PAOT® technology adapted to your products and services and marketed under your brand.

02. Customed applications

The PAOT® Skin technology is also available as an API operated as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). We can provide on-demand tailored services and white label devices to operate on your own brand.


The patch, placed on the skin, continuously collects and transmits data on its activity and its state of health.

The data are analyzed by an artificial intelligence used in PaaS mode and stored in the cloud.
Private accounts are managed with additional data provided by the end-user.
Alerts can be triggered on parameterized events.

Starting from these features, one can imagine to collect more data recorded by the smart PAOTScan® device (e.g. global health application), and/or to extend the services proposed to the end-user in order to better monitor her/his personal health and lifestyle.

Some other could imagine added-value functionalities dedicated to the health practitioner or beauty shop owner or to the end-consumer to check the quality of her/his food, etc.

We are convinced that PAOTScan® technology can offer various unprecedented and valuable applications to players in the cosmetics, food and health sectors. And surely many others…

We believe that we do not have a monopoly on ideas and we are fully open to any concept that can take advantage of PAOT® technology.

03. Customed studies

Antioxidants are of particular interest to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and nutrition industries who wish to know the functioning of the molecules present in a product, determine the exact dosage of antioxidants in preparations, optimize future products or identify polyphenols, molecules with beneficial effects on health.

The PAOTScan® Lab masters the complete set of scientific methods for measuring (in vivo and in vitro) the antioxidant potential for a plant, animal, human being or a manufactured product intended for food or for application on the body.

We can help manufacturers to determine the antioxidant profile of a preparation, to characterize new antioxidant molecules for potential applications and to identify molecules specifically adapted to the formulation of a product.

The PAOTScan® Lab is at your disposal for all your requests:

Evaluation of antioxidant power of your formulas
Dosage, characterization and identification of your molecules
Formulation and optimization of the antioxidants for your products
Argumentation about antioxidants for the launch of a product
Bioavailability study of your active molecules

In vitro and in vivo studies for product certification

A remarkable characteristic of the PAOTScan® innovation is that it has made it possible to create a universal standard for measuring antioxidant power: the so-called PAOT® Index.

The PAOT® index characterizes the total antioxidant power of products. That index is currently awaiting homologation in Europe.

The magic of this index is that it enable to compare the antioxidant power between products. Two versions of this index exist at the moment: one for in vitro measurements and comparisons, the other for in vivo measurements and comparisons notably for the bioavailability of antioxidants in the body.

As such, the PAOTScan® Lab is able to offer to manufacturers who request it a labeling of their products with a calibration of their total oxidizing power compared to a defined scale for the same family of products comparable to each other.

PAOT® labels allow consumers to be confident that the product they want to buy contains a sufficient quantity of antioxidants that are really active in the body.

The PAOT® labels allow also the concerned manufacturers to communicate on the sincerity and quality of their products through certification issued by an independent laboratory.

Two labeling systems are possible:


An in vitro label of total oxidizing power measured with the help of PAOT® Liquid technology: called Oxidative Protection Index (OPI) or Oxidative Protection Factor (OPF) by analogy to the well known Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

The OPF index measures the capacity of a matrix to fight against oxidative stress. It equals the total antioxidant content of a matrix in a container.

The in vitro labeling with PAOT® Liquid technology is available from one to five green alveoli depending on the total antioxidant power of the product tested.


An in vivo label for the bioavailability of oxidants in body through the use of PAOT® Skin technology with a protocol of several measurements spread over a defined period.

Indeed, while some food supplements or products may have high amounts of antioxidants, not all of them are absorbed into the body. In technical terms, antioxidants may have different levels of bioavailability in the bodies.

The in vitro test is therefore not perfect, because it does not tell how much of the antioxidants one consumes are actually available for use in the body.

This in vivo labeling obtained with PAOT® Skin technology comes in three Gold, Silver and Bronze labels, depending on the measured performance of the bioavailability of oxidants.

Zoom on product bioavailability analysis services – In vivo clinical studies

The PAOT® Lab is able to propose analysis services of the bioavaibility of antioxidants for:
Cosmetic products
Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products

The bioavailability is defined as being the capacity of a vectorized active molecule to be assimilated by the human organism. The vectorization can be made by oral way, cutaneous way or parenteral way (puncture). The objective of vectorization is to fight against oxidative stress.

Basic description of the protocol:


The bioavailability is measured over time (it is a question of kinetics): we measure concentrations of molecules released in the body.

The measurement take over 7 to 12 hours.

We compare the different measurement with a Zero basal state (ex: untreated skin area, before ingestion) and also with a placebo…


We compute the bio-efficiency by means of the PAOT Index = PAOT (t) – PAOT (0) / PAOT (0) * 100

That procedure and the PAOT® Index allow to compare products with each other: it is a question of Gaussian distributions (Amplitude, Peak, Area under the curve for 2 sigmas, Mean, Standard Deviation) comparison.