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Skin is a reliable analysis matrix for patient’s health status

Many studies agree that Oxidative Stress (OS) is involved in damaged cells at the level of DNA, membrane lipids or proteins. Oxidative stress is implicated in many pathologies. It appears long before the irreversible signs of the disease.

Consequently, determining the degree of oxidative stress becomes a priority subject in terms of disease prevention because it has been proven that there is a strong association between alterations in the antioxidant defense system and the development of more than 200 different pathophysiologies, for example: atherosclerosis, cancer, AIDS, inflammatory diseases, diabetes and aging.

Having the largest body surface, the skin is the main target organ of oxidative stress, because it is constantly exposed to external and internal aggressions.

Therefore, exploring skin as a matrix for evidencing in vivo Oxidative Stress represents a reliable and alternate analytical classical method .

Healthscan® allows a simple and non-invasive measurement to determine the state of oxidative stress of a patient, as well as to assess the bioavailability of antioxidants and oxidants present directly on the skin (in vivo) in a few minutes.

A medical scoreboard for health evaluation and disease prevention

HealthScan® produces a detailed analysis report with several key figures and visual diagrams that summarize the person’s health state. It is supplemented by recommendations to improve one’s health by changing her/his lifestyle.

The report can be viewed instantaneously on tablet or desktop. Additional detailed data are available. The practitioner can easily create a patient’s account to store his confidential data and follow-up the evolution of measurements over time.

The HealthScan® analysis report is structured in several sections


The oxidative balance diagram that measures the oxidative stress in the body


The HealthScan® Scores

PAOT Index which measures the Total level of Antioxidants

POT Index which measures the Total level of Oxidants

SSO Index which measures the imbalance between anti-oxidants and free radicals

RSO index which assesses the risk of developing a severe oxidative stress in the future


The HealthScan® Indicators that summarize the health conditions of the patient supplemented with medical recommendations

Innovative technology for a better health

A unique predictive medicine kit

The HealthScan® kit comes in 3 modules

A digital lifestyle inquiry form

Using a medical survey (clinically validated), allows the practitioner to learn the factors influencing the patient’s Oxidative Stress (general health state, diet, lifestyle, pollution…)


A skin patch sensor

It is an exclusive, non-invasive, non-lesional and safe approach to knowing the state of a patient’s oxidative stress (anti-oxidants/pro-oxidants imbalance). This new technology makes it possible to obtain in vivo a measurement on the surface of a biological tissue, thanks to contact patches. It allows, in real time, to assess the content of antioxidants and free radicals and their bioavailability from measurements made on the skin (all parts of the body: face, hand, thigh, back, feet…).

The measurement is carried out by health professionals directly in their medical office. Depending on the results, the doctor can then set up health measures for the patient (from food supplements, vitamins, cosmetics creams to specific treatments). Indeed a diet enriched with antioxidants and a healthy lifestyle can fix oxidative stress and related dysfunctions and pathologies.


A mini portable analysis lab

A mini portable analysis lab for in-vitro supplementary measures of physiological liquids for further analyses such as the different fractions of blood, urine, the seminal fluid or saliva.

Who can use the HealtScan® kit?

The HealthScan® kit used as a preventive health device is particularly suitable for doctors (general practitioners and specialists in cardiology, oncology, dermatology, urology, gynecology, diabetology, radiology…), dentists, dietitians, homeopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, surgeons and biologists.

What’s the HealthScan® PAOT Index?

Nowadays, oxidative stress is responsible for more than 200 pathologies such as neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, metabolic and joint diseases.

The HealthScan balance sheet includes:

Basal state of oxidative stress
General state and bioavailability of antioxidants ex pressed in reference molecules (deficiency or excess)
General state of oxidants (free radicals)
The biological age of the skin
Possibility of editing, magnetic card or sending by mail of the balance sheet in PDF format
History records stored in the cloud in personal protected accounts

This scale of reference is set up to deliver a clear result and propose customized patient care.

Factors that influence the PAOT index

As a general rule, people who use «effective» cosmetic products and take vitamin supplements , that is with high antioxidant efficacy, will have a higher PAOT Index.

Lifestyle is also very important. High levels of oxidative stress and exposure to free radical scan decrease the PAOT index. Tobacco smoke, psychological stress, sun, pollution and toxins are common sources of free radicals.

Let’s not forget the genes. Individual differences in the body’s predetermined ability to absorb antioxidants will have an impact on the PAOT index.

HealthScan® custom services

The PAOTScan technology is also available as an API operated as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). We can provide on-demand customized services and white label devices to operate on your own brand.